When Digital Becomes Personal: The New Reality of E-Detailing–Part II

With the mainstream acceptance of digital information, the time is right to fine-tune the consumer’s digital experience. The concluding article of this two-part series discusses not only how E-detailing has grown and adapted for its audience, but also how we’ve only just begun to utilize the potential of the digital world.

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Changing the context in which mature brands are marketed can bring them back into the customer’s consciousness.

It has already been nearly a decade since Malcolm Gladwell’s book, “The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference,” made such a huge impact on marketers. In his breakthrough book, Gladwell devoted two chapters to explaining what he called “The Power of Context,” which included his now-famous linking of New York City’s graffiti-eradication effort to a dramatic reduction of violent crime in the city. Gladwell’s premise is that our external environment shapes who we are and how we act.

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Global Brands, Tribal Pride

Pop culture historians will be analyzing the success of the TV series Survivor for years. Some of the factors that propelled the show to the top of the ratings heap are obvious: exotic tropical locations, (mostly) young and (mostly) buff bodies cavorting and competing with little (and sometimes nothing) on, and an irresistible Darwinian plot line that must end with just one winner of a mega-prize comprising two elemental and universally desired components: fame and fortune.

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