Building a Global Brand: Creating a Foundation Built on Global Commonality

The globalization of America’s consumer culture makes it easy for world travelers to get a familiar taste of home. Feeling homesick in Bangkok? Just stop and smell the latte at any of the city’s 34 Starbucks. You won’t need your English/Danish dictionary to order your favorite sandwich at a McDonald’s in Copenhagen–just say cheeseburger. And no matter where in the world you might be, chances are excellent that you’ll be able to quench your thirst with a locally obtained Coke or Pepsi, and it will taste just the way you expect it to.

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Lessons from the Garden: Care and Feeding Needed to Grow Great Biotech Brands

The 1979 film “Being There” is the memorable story of Chance the Gardener, portrayed by Peter Sellers, who becomes a national sensation by discussing great questions of the day in the context of gardening–the only world he knows. His simple ideas about nurturing growth resonate because of their fundamental universality–Chance’s listeners instantly translate his concepts into their individual areas of reference. Chance–the ultimate innocent–becomes recognized as something of a modern-day prophet because of the wide applicability of his ideas. In the movie, Chance ventures forth from his garden into the world of politics. His analogy stands up in many other instances, including biotech. Let’s put some of his quotes to the test in the context of biotech marketing to assess what Chance the Gardener can tell us about growing great brands?

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When Digital Becomes Personal: The New Reality of E-Detailing—Part I

The reduction of sales call time does not correlate with sales reductions. The first article of this two-part series examines E-detailing as an efficient marketing tool, revealing how digital technology can better meet targets than traditional marketing calls.

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Lessons from the Left Coast: What Hollywood Can Teach Pharma about Marketing

Blockbuster-envy, high-development costs, sequels, the profitability of independent films–when marketers begin comparing pharma with Hollywood, the similarities keep coming. So what can our industry learn from Hollywood? The answer is a lot.

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In Search of Perfect Pitch

In baseball, a pitch that was perfect in Abner Doubleday’s era would still be pretty darn good today–the dimensions of the strike zone have stayed remarkably consistent through the history of the game.

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